About us

Welcome to MusthaveMalts.com. We are the coolest whisky company ever. We deal in rare and collectible whisky, whiskey, bourbon and rum. Our company name says it all: our Malts are the ones you Must Have.

Our aim is to make your collecting experience on MusthaveMalts.com mega optimal. If you have any questions, remarks or requests, please don’t hesitate to mail us. We’ll respond very quickly:

If you can’t find the whisky you are looking for, or if you would like to buy more than we have in stock, please also contact us.

Or give us a call, we’d like that! We are in time zone UTC +01.00 (Amsterdam/Berlin).

  • 0031 30 751 2191

Something important to keep in mind: once you’ve added our whiskies to your collection, they will likely increase in value, up to the point where you want to safekeep them in a vault. If you don’t own a vault, drinking the whisky (responsibly!) is also a very, very good idea.

Celebrate celebrating. Cheers!