Can I pick up my order?

No, amigo. We keep our doors closed to the public. Not because we have anything to hide (well, apart from the lovable chaos that we call our office), but because we are truly webshop only.

My credit card payment is timing out. Why is that?

To protect you and us against credit card fraud, our payment provider Mollie has implemented a 2-step verification method. When buying from our store using your credit card, you will receive a message from your bank in which you are asked to authorize the payment. However, some American banks do not offer this verification method to their customers yet. In these cases the payment provider is not able to securely accept the transaction and then it will time out. In order to safely shop with us, please contact your bank or select PayPal to complete the transaction.

What shipping method does Musthave Malts use?

For al customers in Europe, we rely on the services of DPD. For all customers outside of Europe, we rely on PostNL. Except for Argentina. For Argentina we use DHL. Funny Argentina. If you have your own preference between one of these shipping companies, you can always request it by contacting us.

When do I get my tracking number?

After we create your parcel label, you will be emailed automatically with a tracking number. It may take an hour or so before the tracking wakes up.

My tracking isn’t working. Stupid tracking! What can I do now?

Stupid tracking indeed. Please follow our Delay Protocol, we’ll work it out for you.

I am a retailer. Can you offer me a Retailer’s Discount?

Good question! We do offer a Retailer’s Discount, so if you are a retailer and interested in buying from our website, please contact us for discount specifics.

Can Musthave Malts ship to the USA?

Yes, we can! Unfortunately though, we can not ship to the following States: Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah.

Can I still order at Musthave Malts if my country is not listed here?

We ship to most countries around the globe. Contact us for all options. We’ll get back to you very quickly, we promise.

Wait a minute… I can’t order more than 3 bottles. What’s up with that?

To the United States, we can ship roughly 3 bottles per order (to a max of 5KG per parcel). Custom services in these countries prohibit us from sending larger orders. If you would like to order more than 3 bottles, please contact us for specifics. We’ll work something out, for sure.

How does Musthave Malts pack their bottles?

We use double layered carton boxes which are specifically designed for bottle transport. Additionally, we use bubble wrap – like, a lot! – to make sure your precious purchase is secured. On the outside of the carton box we’ll place stickers that say FRAGILE. In the end, we could basically play rugby with your parcel, without breaking its contents. We won’t do that, of course, just saying.

Is my whisky insured during transport?

Yes, all of your orders are fully insured during transport against breakage or loss.

Can you reserve new releases for me?

We can put your name on a list and contact you when a specific release becomes available. However, we cannot guarantee that we will have sufficient stock to provide everyone on the list. We will provide on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to catch the worm, be an early bird.

Can you gift wrap my order?

As our business is run by men only, we do admit that it’s not our speciality. If you would really like to buy a whisky as a gift, please contact us.