Abomination Cry of the Puma Heavily Peated Malt

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Country: USA
Distillery: Lost Spirits
Category: Whiskey spirit
Age: NAS
ABV: 54.0%
Volume: 0.75L

About the Abomination Cry of the Puma Heavily Peated Malt

A whiskey spirit from California, aged for 12 to 18 months at an Islay distillery. After that, it finished in six days in California. SIX DAYS?! ‘But Musthave Malts, how…?’, we hear you ask. In the Lost Spirits laboratorium they sped up the aging process in their THEA One Reactor (Targeted Hyper-Esterification Aging) with a whopping fifteen years in just six days… Toasted Late Harvest Riesling wood staves were used in the reactor. Wowzers, that sounds high tech! You might call this a monster of Spiritsein and you wouldn’t be the only one, but Jim Murray calls it ‘omg so yummie’ (not his words exactly). He rates it 93/100 points.

THEA: how does it work?

In the words of the Lost Spirits Distillery: ‘The technology works by exposing oak to high intensity light and heat while suspended in a glass tube filled with unaged or young distilled spirit. The combination of specific wavelengths of light and heat has been proven to trigger the same chemical reactions that happen in casks aged for many years.’

Say hello to the brother: Sayers of the Law

The good folks at Lost Spirits made a baby brother, and if is perfect in every way: the Sayers of the Law. The only difference between this whiskey and its brother is the staves used in the THEA reactor. The ones in the Abomination Cry of the Puma are toasted, the ones in the Sayers of the Law are charred.

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