Alrik Edition 1914 Sancta Brigitta

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Country: Germany
Distillery: Glen Els / Alrik
Series: Edition 1914
Category: Single Malt
Cask: 1st Fill Ruby Port
Bottled: 2015
ABV: 49.2%
Volume: 0.7L

About the Alrik Edition 1914 Sancta Brigitta

An amazing Glen Els single malt whisky, from Germany. Oops! Did we say Glen Els? The Scottish Whisky Association successfully filed a lawsuit against this distillery, as they claimed the word ‘Glen’ is a geographical indication. In other words: only distilleries that are based in Scotland are entitled to use the word ‘Glen’ in their name. The SWA won, Glen Els changed their name into The Alrik. It’s a so called hircine single malt, hence the deer as their distillery logo. Lots of deer to be found in the Alrik area. This Alrik Edition 1914 Sancta Brigitta is a smokey single malt whisky that finished in 1st fill Ruby Port casks. It comes in a beautiful box with red satin inlay.

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