Bhakta 1868 – 1970 Islay Finished Armagnac (50 Years Old)

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Country: France
Distillery: Undisclosed
Category: Armagnac
Age: 50
ABV: 44.2%
Volume: 0.75L

Bhakta 1868 – 1970 Islay Finished Armagnac (50 Years Old)

Woa! Bhakta is a pretty neat project set up by Raj Bhakta, the founder and former owner of the Whistlepig Distillery in Vermont. He put rye whisky on the map almost single handedly, so the expectations are high. He decided to do something completely else – like off the chart else. He moved to France with his family and his Escalade (he really shipped his car to France) and started hunting for the oldest and most tasteful Armagnac in the world, as he believes this might just be the most underestimated and undervalued spirit out there. He hit jackpot: hundreds of extremely old and well preserved demijohns filled with grape-juice, made as far back as 1868… The youngest Armagnac he found here was ‘just’ 50 years old. Bhakta wanted his Armagnac to be influenced by whisky, so he used Islay whisky casks to have a love affair with his precious Armagnac blend. And here, dear reader, you are looking at the result. A blend of 50-year-old Armagnac at minimum, aged in an Islay cask, giving the smooth Armagnac a real punch.

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