Blanton’s Single Barrel Red Set of 3

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Country: USA
Distillery: Buffalo Trace
Category: Bourbon
Dumped on: 2018
Proof: 93
ABV: 46.½%
Volume: 0.75L

About the Blanton’s Single Barrel Red Set of 3

Both this Blanton’s Single Barrel Red and the Blanton’s Single Barrel Black have been produced for the Japanese market only (as the parent company of Blanton’s is from Japan, it’s not completely surprising). They thank their now somewhat official nicknames to their box: the Blanton’s Red has a red box, with an ivory label, whereas the Black has a black box and label. Blanton’s Red is said to have matured for 8 years instead of 6, which is standard for the regular Blanton’s Single Barrel. These are imported all the way from the land of the rising sun, available to the world!

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