Booker’s 2002 Batch No. B95-C-31 (7 Years Old)

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Country: USA
Region: Kentucky
Distillery: Jim Beam
Category: Bourbon
Cask: New American Oak Barrel
Cask number: B95-C-31
Vintage: 1995
Bottled: 2002
Age: 7
Proof: 126.7
ABV: 63.35%
Volume: 0.7L

About the Booker’s Batch No. B95-C-31 126.7 Proof (7 Years Old)

Booker’s Batch No. B95-C-31 is the highest grade bourbon ever made at Jim Beam, bottled at a barrel strength of 63.35% or 126.7 proof. Booker’s Batch B95-C-31 was distilled in March 1995 and bottled in 2002, after having matured in American Oak for 7 years and 9 months. The Booker’s Bourbon brand was started by Booker Noe (1929-2004), who was Jim Beam’s Master Distiller for more than forty years. He retired in 1992, and his son Fred Noe has since become the distillery’s Master Distiller.

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