Chateau de Pomès Pébérère 56 Years Old Armagnac 1964

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Country: France
Region: Ténarèze
Distillery: Château de Pomès Pébérère
Category: Armagnac
Vintage: 1964
Bottled: 2020
Age: 56
ABV: 42.0%
Volume: 0.7L

About the Château de Pomès Pébérère 1964 Armagnac (56 Years Old)

This wonderfully old Armagnac (it’s an amazing 56-years-old!) was distilled in 1964 and matured for more than half a century before being bottled on 16 June 2020. It’s produced by Château de Pomès Pébérère, a domain in Ténarèze, one of the three Armagnac plantation areas (terroirs) in the southwest of France. Armagnac is the oldest wine distillate made in France. It was made since 1200 – that’s 200 years earlier than brandy!

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