Chichibu 2012-2019 ePower (Cask #2139)

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Country: Japan
Distillery: Chichibu
Category: Single Malt
Vintage: 2012
Bottled: 2019
Age: 6
Cask: Bourbon barrel
Cask number: 2139
ABV: 62.4%
Volume: 0.7L

About the Chichibu 2012-2019 ePower (Cask #2139)

The Chichibu 2012-2019 ePower (Cask #2139) is limited to 204 bottles and was bottled exclusively for ePower Co. Ltd., a small Japanese wholesaler that specializes in vodka, sake and premium Japanese goods. On the label you can see a man practising cormorant fishing: a traditional and culturally protected way of fishing in Japan, using cormorant birds.

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