Chichibu 2012 – Intergalactic Series Edition 4

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Country: Japan
Distillery: Chichibu
Category: Vintage Single Malt
Series: Intergalactic Series
Vintage: 2012
Bottled: 2019
Age: 7
Cask: 1st Bourbon Barrel
Cask number: 2234
ABV: 63.0%
Volume: 0.7L

About the Chichibu 2012 – Intergalactic Series Edition 4

The Chichibu 2012 – Intergalactic Series Edition 4 is part of the Intergalactic Series, of which the first two were released in 2019. They instantly blew up, not like spaceships in Star Wars, but figuratively speaking: people were selling their mothers to be able to obtain these highly limited Japanese single malts. People cried tears of joy when they heard that they could purchase one of them. For real! The same thing happened on the day that the Intergalactic Series Edition 3 and Edition 4 were released. Bottled by the Chichibu Distillery in cooperation with Salud Distribution and Vienna Distribution, this release of 215 bottles is something special indeed. We are in love with the label design, and quite possibly also with the intergalactic babes on the bottles! These releases come in a nicely crafted black box and… a wearable face mask with the label design on it!

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