Chichibu 6 Years Old 2014 Cadenhead 20cl Peated Barrel

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Country: Japan
Distillery: Chichibu
Bottler: Cadenhead
Category: Single Malt
Cask: Peated Barrel
Vintage: 2014
Bottled: 2020
Age: 6
ABV: 59.0%
Volume: 0.2L

About the Chichibu 6 Years Old 2014 Cadenhead 20cl Peated Barrel

Cadenhead is one of Scotland’s most distinguished independent bottlers. The company has been bottling extraordinary Scotch since 1842, and in 2020 they released their very first Japanese whisky. A bit late? Maybe. But they start with a bang with their very own independently bottled Chichibu! The 6-year-old Japanese single malt was distilled in 2014 by the popular distillery. It matured in an peated barrel. It was bottled in Spring 2020 at an impressive 59%. This small tasting bottle was released as part of Cadenhead’s Cask Ends series, which consists of leftover bottlings from casks that had already been released officially. The bottle has a unique handwritten label: besides a misspelling of the word ‘peated’, ‘Scotch’ has been crossed out with pen and replaced with ‘Japan’ – Cadenhead’s venture into Japanese whisky is so new that they did not have a proper label for it yet ?

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