Chichibu 6 Years Old Cadenhead 2020 Peated Barrel

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Country: Japan
Distillery: Chichibu
Bottler: Cadenhead
Series: World Whiskies – Individual Cask
Category: Single Malt
Cask: Peated Barrel
Vintage: 2014
Bottled: 2020
Age: 6
ABV: 59.0%
Volume: 0.7L

About the Chichibu 2020 Peated Barrel 6 Years Old Cadenhead

Cadenhead is one of Scotland’s most distinguished independent bottlers. The company has been bottling extraordinary Scotch since 1842, and 2020 is a landmark in the company’s history: Cadenhead has released its very first Japanese whisky. This 6-year-old single malt was distilled in 2014 by the popular Chichibu distillery and matured in a peated oak cask. It was bottled in Spring 2020 at 59% ABV. Only 205 bottles of this groundbreaking Japanese malt were released. Taste history in the making!

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