Colonel E. H. Taylor 130.3 Barrel Proof

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Country: USA
Region: Kentucky
Distillery: Buffalo Trace
Series: Barrel Proof
Category: Bourbon
Bottled: 2020
Proof: 130.3
ABV: 65.15%
Volume: 0.75L

About the Colonel E. H. Taylor 130.3 Barrel Proof

Colonel E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof is a much-anticipated annual release from the famous Buffalo Trace distillery. The ninth release in the series was bottled in 2020 at an impressive 130.3 proof. Buffalo Trace created the Colonel E.H. Taylor brand in 2009, in honor of the distillery’s founder Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr., who is seen as the father of the modern bourbon industry. Taylor established the Buffalo Trace distillery in 1869 under its original name ‘Old Fire Copper’ (O.F.C), which was later modernized by George T. Stagg and owned by Schenley. Sazerac bought the distillery in the 1990s and redubbed it Buffalo Trace. The warehouse built by E. H. Taylor in the 1800s still stands today.

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