Lot No. 40 Dark Oak

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Country: Canada
Distillery: Corby Spirit and Wine Ltd.
Category: Rye
Bottled: 2020
ABV: 48.0%
Volume: 0.75L

About the Lot No. 40 Dark Oak 100% Rye

It’s not every day that you can taste the world’s best rye whisky in the whole wide world. But knowing musthavemalts.com a little sure helps. All the way from Canada, we present you this Lot No. 40 Dark Oak. This 100% rye whisky was just named the best rye in the 2021 World Whisky Awards. The jury states: ‘Grassy leafy aromas kick off the nose, with earthy sweetness and toasted bread. Flavours of clove, fudge, caramel and hot spice take over the palate. A little sweet and fruity with powdered candy and barley sugar. A spicy and sweet finish.’ This LotNo. 40 Dark Oak was first column distilled and later pot distilled. It aged in American oak casks and finished in heavily-charred oak casks.

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