Nikka Box with 6 bottles

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This is the coolest contraption that we ever offered on our website, by far. The Nikka Box is a simple black box when it’s folded up, but once folded out, it’s like you are playing with your Hasbro Transformer toys, but better! Because this toy has whisky in it. How about the in 2015 discontinued whiskies 15 year old Yoichi and Miyagikyo 12? Or the Nikka from the Barrel? The Nikka Pure Malt Black or the Nikka Coffey Grain? Or the discontinued 21 year old Taketsuru? Wowzers! It was designed by 2S Global Design, who took inspiration from the origami art of paper folding, and the himitsu-bako: a secret message box which was once used by the samurai. It embodies Nikka’s spirit of innovation rooted in tradition. The box also has 2 tasting glasses on dislpay. Please note: one of the glasses is slightly damaged on the foot.

Nikka Box Whisky Content

Nikka from the Barrel: 500ml / 51%

Nikka Pure Malt Black: 500ml / 43%

Nikka Coffey Grain: 500ml / 45%

Yoichi 15 Years Old 700 / 45%

Miyagikyo 12 Years Old 700ml / 45%

Taketsuru 21 Years Old: 700ml / 43%

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