Reservoir Holland’s Blade Rummer

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Country: USA
Distillery: Reservoir Distillery
Bottled: 2019
Category: Bourbon
Barrel: Ardent Stout Rum Barrel Finish
Proof: 107
Batch: 3
ABV: 53.5%
Volume: 0.75L

About the Reservoir Holland’s Blade Rummer

Are their prizes for whiskey names and labels? If not, there should be. And then Reservoir Holland’s Blade Rummer should win them. Holland’s Blade Rummer is a collaboration between Reservoir Distillery and select Jamaican rum distilleries. This blended whiskey aged in a quarter cask for 2 years and then finished in a rum barrel for 12 more months, to create a unique take on a Reservoir bourbon. It is made with 15% wheat, 70% corn and 15% rye. Only a very limited amountof bottles are released per batch.

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