Rip van Winkle 10 Years Old Musthave Malts MHM

Old Rip van Winkle (10 Years Old)

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Country: USA
Distillery: Rip Van Winkle (Buffalo Trace)
Category: Bourbon
Age: 10
ABV: 53.3%
Volume: 0.75L

About the OldĀ Rip van Winkle (10 Years Old)

Old Rip van Winkle: 10 year old bourbon, nearly barrel proof (53.5%), with a beardy old man on the label. This brand was created by the son of Julian ‘Pappy’ van Winkle in the 1970s. Very collectible, very rare. Or, if you’re up for it, very tasty: sweet honey, tobacco, peach and a bit of leather… Can you nearly taste it? We really like this whiskey. We like it a lot.

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 490.05  465.85  405.-  385.- incl. VATexcl. VAT