Signatory Vintage Scottish Wildlife Miniature Set

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Signatory Vintage
Malt type
Single Malt

A beautiful vintage collector’s set of miniature Scotch whiskies, released in 1993 by Signatory Vintage in collaboration with the Scottish Wildlife Trust. The labels feature four of Scotland’s native animal species: the puffin, otter, capercaillie, and hen harrier. This set consists of four 5cl bottles, including two very rare single malts from the closed Imperial and Port Ellen distilleries.

Glenturret 14 Years Old

Country: Scotland
Region: Highlands
Distillery: Glenturret
Age: 14
ABV: 43.0%
Volume: 0.05L

A 14-year-old single malt from the Highland distillery Glenturret. The label features a puffin.
The puffin is a seabird recognizable by their brightly-coloured beak. During the summer, puffins live on the Scottish coasts and islands. A baby puffin is called a ‘puffling’ and yes, they’re as adorable as they sound.

Imperial 16 Years Old

Country: Scotland
Region: Speyside
Distillery: Imperial
Age: 16
ABV: 43.0%
Volume: 0.05L

A 16-year-old single malt from the closed Imperial distillery in Speyside. The label features an otter. Otters have been endangered animals since the 1950s, but they thrive in the clean waters of Scotland. They mainly live on the coasts of Scotland. Otters are very playful and intelligent creatures: they are known to use rocks to open hard shells – they often even have a Favorited rock they carry around with them!

Aberfeldy 15 Years Old

Country: Scotland
Region: Highlands
Distillery: Aberfeldy
Age: 15
ABV: 43.0%
Volume: 0.05L

A 15-year-old single malt from the Highland distillery Aberfeldy. The label features a capercaillie, also known as a wood grouse. These large birds weigh about as much as a turkey! The name capercaillie means ‘horse of the wood’ in Gaelic and refers to the bird’s distinctive call, resembling the sound of a walking horse.

Port Ellen 14 Years Old

Country: Scotland
Region: Islay
Distillery: Port Ellen
Age: 14
ABV: 43.0%
Volume: 0.05L

A 14-year-old single malt from the Port Ellen distillery on Islay, which closed in 1983. The label features a hen harrier. This bird of prey is one of the most endangered species in the UK. They live in the open moors of Scotland, where they are often the victim of illegal persecution by hunters.


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