Wild Turkey Distiller’s Reserve (13 Years Old)

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Country: USA
Distillery: Wild Turkey
Bottling serie: Distiller’s Reserve
Age: 13
Proof: 91
ABV: 45.5%
Volume: 0.7L

About the Wild Turkey Distiller’s Reserve (13 Years Old)

The 13 year old Wild Turkey Distiller’s Reserve has been carefully selected from the distiller’s favorite reserve. After 13 years of maturation, you can say that this is a golden oldie. It was bottled for the export market, so hard to find in the US. It is barreled at lower proof (not Wild Turkey’s favorite 101 proof) and it slowly matured in the low floors of the fabled ‘B’ warehouse. Cooler temperatures, higher elevation and greater air circulation in that warehouse combine to create a bourbon of exceptional quality.

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